PACK 205


Congratulations on your decision

to enroll your son in Pack 205, BSA.  

Your son will receive a well rounded education in ,citizenship, outdoor skills, leadership and self-respect. Our goal is to empower him with the ability to examine a problem and theorize a solution based on experience and skill. This is not an easy journey. Your son will have to commit himself to Scouting. Just like any other educational organization there will be homework, study and practice that he must do at home. Your job is to encourage and assist him as best you can. This can be accomplished through your direct participation in Pack affairs.  


As a parent of Pack 205, we expect your participation in fund-raising. This allows the Pack to go to all the places and do all the projects that benefit your son. 100% of your fund-raising dollars and dues are directed to the Cubs, we have no overhead.  


 We also expect your attendance at Pack Nights. They occur four times a year. At Pack Nights meeting your son will be bestowed with his awards and medals. Most vital Information is discussed at Pack Night.  


The Pack will also expect your help in getting your son and the other Cubs to and from activities. Transportation is key in a good program. Many of our camp sites and activities are not in New York City and getting your son, the other Cubs to an activity is not a task that the Pack leaders can provide without your help.  

 Finally, I would like to delineate some Pack policies:  

 ****Dues are collected at the first Wednesday of every month and they are $10. Participation in Pack events is contingent upon being up to date on dues  

 ****A parent must drop-off and wait, or make arrangements, until the Pack leaves for an activity and they must make arrangements for the boys pick-up after the activity.  

 ****The Cub Uniform is mandatory at all activities unless specifically stated otherwise. The Cub Handbook is considered a part of the Uniform and must be present at all activities.  

 ****All activities must have a signed permission note returned to the Pack by the Cut-off date on the Pack calendar.